Of course, the new year brings new convictions and opportunities for a fresh start. My personal conviction is to try dealing with some of my frustrations in a more positive and constructive way. In the words of someone wiser than myself, this is my goal:

Whatever is true; and honorable and good; and just; and pure; and lovely; and kind and gracious – think on these things, and fix your mind on them –               Philippians  4:8

I have placed this verse prominently in my workspace to help me remember that I have some of the best clients in the world, and that they are talking to me because they love their pet, and so do I. It reminds me that I love this profession that I have dedicated my life to, and I can’t imagine choosing anything else.

My job is dealing with The Public…. and folks, that’s hard! I’ve been doing it for years, and I can confidently say, it’s harder than it used to be….

We now live in the Information Age. Sadly, all that means, is that information is cheap, and for the most part, not very good. People trust the internet, and don’t trust actual people. This is battle I face daily.

I have a degree plus thirty years of experience in my field. I believe that an educated client will make good choices for their pet. I believe pet owners do not know who to trust. My hope is that this blog will be a place for me to do my best to provide some common sense guidance that is “true; honorable; good; just; and pure”  This Blog is not monetized, I receive no compensation from any company.